Episode 20

Uncovering hidden savings in your business

Published on: 2nd May, 2024

We see so many business owners run themselves ragged trying to bring in more revenue and almost always new revenue, too. But have you examined who your business is “donating” to… a.k.a. those pesky subscriptions that you’re paying each month and aren’t using?

In January, we did an inventory of all the potential “extras” we had been paying for on a monthly basis.

We trimmed the fat, saving well over $2k per month by just hitting the cancel button on these subscriptions we don’t use! That’s $24k per year back in our pocket without the stress of figuring out how we’re going to cover those expenses. 

In this week's episode, we share...

  • how you can do an inventory and decide which subscriptions to cut,
  • how much you can save
  • and how it will remove that frenetic energy of feeling like you need more sales to cover your expenses
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About your hosts

Susan Terzakis

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5 Things to Know About Susan:

1. I traveled the continental U.S. playing hornline with the famed 27th Lancers drum and bugle corps.

2. As a family we’ve lived coast to coast, moving over 12 times!

3. Born and raised in historic Salem, Massachusetts, while working in our family restaurant, I was able to meet people visiting from all over the world and learned about their cultures and perspectives.

4. While working in the United States Senate as a staffer, I went to every city, village, town, and incorporation in New Hampshire. Every single one! I listened and learned about micro small businesses in our state.

5. I've taken four $100k businesses to over $2 million in annual sales, and I've helped lifestyle brands create revenue that gives them the freedom to spend quality time doing what matters most to them.

Jessica Terzakis

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1. I won the Alfred Ernest Richards award for promising potential in literature and teaching, which started my 15-year career in teaching, curriculum design, and storytelling.
2. My favorite drink is tequila on the rocks. It's a definite conversation starter.
3. I love adrenaline. Whether it's roller coasters, speaking in front of an auditorium full of people, or getting on camera, that rush of energy makes me unstoppable at work.
4. I know how to captivate a room and sell from the stage, and I can help you see yourself doing something bigger than you ever thought you could.
5. At a recent event, one of my clients sold over a million dollars based on the curriculum we built together, and I can help you do the same!